Thursday, May 8, 2014

Prophecy's Power, book #3 in the Prophecy series

Prophecy’s Power, book #3 in the Prophecy series

Prophecy’s Power coming June 2014

Another light clicked on as they entered a smaller room—a bedroom judging by the dresser. The kidnapper dropped her onto a bed.
Natalie squirmed, trying to roll off, but he placed a large hand on her chest and forced her down. The fact he held her so effortlessly pissed her off.
He glared down at her. For the first time, she noticed his eyes. They were a deep green, clear and sharp like emeralds. Long, dark blond lashes surrounded them. His nose was a little too big, but it did nothing to detract from his handsomeness. Stubble, a couple shades darker than his short blond hair, covered his square jaw.
He smiled, which looked more like a sneer. “I’m going to leave you tied for now. Until I clear my room of anything you may use as a weapon.”
She leaned away from his cruel stare. His smile widened as if delighted by her slight display of fear.
Anger ripped through her fright. She’d always been strong—stronger than most men—and the second she got free of her bonds, she’d kill him.
“Smile now, you son-of-a-bitch. But you won’t be smiling when you’re gasping your last breath!” She knew he didn’t understand what she said through the gag, but the words gave her much needed courage.
His eyes narrowed as his grin grew bigger. “Try not to miss me too much while I’m gone.” He placed a kiss on her nose before he straightened and walked out of the room. The sound of the door closing and the click of a lock sent another wave of panic slicing through her.

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