Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Romance Reviews' Year-End Splash

Excerpt From Prophecy's Child

The scent of laundry detergent and fabric softener clung heavy in the small space. She opened the dryer and piled the clothes on top of the white appliance. Shifting through the jumble of socks, towels, Kal’s T-shirts, Ike’s sweat shirts, and her yoga pants, she realized this wasn’t simply a bunch of laundry. This pile of clothes represented her, Kal and Ike. They were a family.

Her heart opened, and love poured out. Kal may be hiding something from her again, but he deserved a chance to explain. She now understood why he was reluctant. He feared losing her.

Filled with resolve, Katherine vowed she’d do whatever it took to make their relationship work.

As soon as she dropped Ike off at school, her and Kal would sit down, hash this out, and move on. Besides, after learning about demons, Lucifer, and the war, she could handle anything.

The phone in the kitchen rang.

It was probably Kal. A thrill of excitement threaded through her as she raced for the cordless sitting on the counter.

She smiled then pressed talk. “Hello?”

Silence met her greeting.


No answer.

“Ah, too bad,” she said with a sensual purr. “I was hoping my sexy vampire lover called to talk dirty to me.”

“Is my son, Kal there please?” a woman replied with a deep French accent. Her tone was hard, cold.

Oh, sweet Jesus! His mother.

Embarrassment didn’t come close to how she felt. Heat of humiliation flushed her body. She gripped the phone tight and closed her eyes, calling herself all sorts of names.

Clearing her throat, she fought to find the right words to say. “I’m so sorry. Um…Kal…he isn’t here right now—he’s at a meeting with Roarik, his captain.”

“I know who Roarik is.”

Yikes. “Um, can I take a message, Mrs…I’m sorry, I don’t know your last name.”

It occurred to her she didn’t know Kal’s last name.

“Of course you don’t, my dear. It is Cataronia from the Fifth Clan of vampires.”

Her heavy accent made it hard for Katherine to understand her. “What a beautiful name.”

“Thank you.”

More silence.

“I’ll tell Kal you called the moment he returns.” Her heart beat so hard she wondered if Cataronia heard it.

“Actually, it is you I would like to speak with. Kal told me tonight about you and your son.”

Whoa, she did not sound pleased about this news.

“Oh…okay,” Katherine said. “I just want to say I love your son very much. He is a wonderful vampire.” Idiot!

“I truly hope you mean that, my dear. And I truly hope you decide to do the right thing. You see, there are traditions you may not understand about vampires. Kal is a respected warrior, high up in the clans of the fifty first families. He has a duty to our race to marry a female vampire of impeccable breeding, and produce future warriors for this never-ending war to keep your…species alive.”

Stunned, Katherine couldn’t reply.

“Before you came along, Kal had agreed to marry a female of my choosing. One who is worthy of his station. Yet, he has informed me tonight, he is no longer willing, which will put him in a very precarious position with our higher order.”