Thursday, June 28, 2012

Angel And Demon Blog Hop

Before we start, I want to let you know there are two grand prizes up for grabs from this entire blog hop and there will be two winners chosen, so make sure you hop and comment and leave your e-mail address on as many blogs as you can. ONE winner will receive a Kindle Touch & ONE winner will receive a $60 Amazon or Barnes&Noble Gift Card.  Good luck to you all.

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When I first saw this blog hop advertised I thought,  I HAVE to be a part of this!  The foundation of my paranormal romance series--The Prophecy Series--is built around angels and demons. You could say I have an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other...okay, okay, I won't go that far.

Another major reason this blog hop was a must for me is because my favorite TV show EVER is Supernatural. It features sexy angels,  sinful demons, and two hot guys fighting evil...did I say BEST SHOW EVER? 

Speaking of angels, how do you feel about them? How do you perceive them?

I've been raised to believe angels  are the picture of perfection in not only looks, but in spirit--the epitome of kindness and warmth. And I'm sure most of us have heard of Guardian Angels . And hey, remember the show Touched by an Angel? Micheal Landon and the other angels made me cry so many times. T.B.A.A was such a touching show. Do any of you remember a movie called Micheal starring John Travolta as the Arch Angel Micheal? LOL, he was rude and a total pig.

So if you're like me, then you probably think of angels as the good guys and demons as the evil doers. But my theories have changed a little over the years. Maybe angels aren't as perfect as we'd like to think. Lord knows I've seen enough shows/movies where angels were portrayed as cold, emotionless creatures who cared nothing about us humans and our woes. 

What about demons? How do you feel about them? 

When I see or hear the word demon I think of movies such as The Exorcist, Dameon, and Amityville Horror.  I picture demons to look similar to the Balrog from J.R.R Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings--Fellowship of the Ring or have red, leathery skin with horns and sharp teeth and breath that smells rotten. In essence I see demons as cruel, evil monsters that enjoy nothing more than to torture humans.  But thanks to romance novels, my perception of demons is changing.  In fact, in some of the books I've read demons were downright SEXY! 

In Love's Prophecy, book 1 in The Prophecy Series   I have taken all different beliefs and theories about The Creator, angels, demons, humans, and vampires and I have introduced a new spin on how all five fit together.  

So in honor of this ANGELS and DEMONS blog hop, I'm going to list a few of the supernatural beings found throughout my series.    

The Creator.
The Creator resides in The Sacred Dimension. He is responsible for the creation of all life. After years of loneliness, he decided to make children: angels and humans.  Lucifer and Vampier are two of His angels. They are featured in my series. 

Vampier is a wonderful craftsman and his greatest desire is to create life. But that is not only forbidden, it's theoretically impossible since The Creator only allows angels to create what He desires, and The Creator is the only being with the power to bring forth life. Yet in secret Vampier made children of his own, which are known as vampires.  

Lucifer is said to be the most beautiful angel and the most eager to learn. In fact, his beauty and brilliance was rivaled only by that of The Creator. Some even say he was The Creator's favorite. In the beginning, Lucifer worshiped his father and desired to be just like Him.
If you're curious and would like to learn more about Lucifer and get a more detailed look into his mind, check out my website:

Humans, The Creator's second children. We are made in the image of angels and share many of their personality traits. The Earth was made specifically to be our home.

Vampires are the children of  Vampier. He didn't have the knowledge or power to create from his own design so he copied The Creator's children. In essence, Vampires were once human.

 Demons were created by Lucifer. Their twisted, horrible appearance is because they were made with all Lucifer's cruelty, jealousy, and pride. And for this reason they use human bodies to house their spirits while on Earth.

My question to you is which do you prefer? Angels or demons? And why?

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Here is an excerpt from Love's Prophecy. In this scene Mel and Kal--vampires--are hunting demons. And this particular demon has info Mel needs...
Warning: viewer discretion is advised; contains language not suitable for everyone.


As soon as he and Kal took form in the alley's entrance, Mel scanned the scene. It was nothing more than a dark narrow strip between two tall structures. A blue dumpster and a stack of flattened cardboard boxes were shoved against one wall. Standing in the center of the space, a thin male demon with spiky blond hair spun around. Its black eyes widened with surprise. What little light the alleyway provided, danced off the many earrings in its ears.

Recognition slapped Mel. His rage intensified.

The demon-bitch's sidekick.

A young human male, no more than seventeen or eighteen, shoved a baggy down the front of his dirty blue jeans and turned to run. Kal grabbed the kid from behind and spun him around. With their faces close together, Kal stared into the boy's eyes until he went limp, falling into a deep sleep.

Once Mel knew the kid was passed out, he chased the demon fleeing toward the back of the alley. It dove, grasped a hold of the chain link fence, and tried to scramble up.

He jumped and grabbed the back of the demon's gray suede coat, yanked it down, then locked a forearm around its throat; his dagger pressed tight under its chin.

“The she-demon, where is she?” Mel jerked his arm tighter.

A strangled croak came from the demon as it tried to pry loose.

As he leaned closer, the putrid essence of the demon's sweat assaulted him. The stench almost made him gag. He tightened his hold. His desire to snap its neck almost overcame him. It took all his will to stay his rage.

Loud gasps came from the creature and its face turned blue.

Mel eased his grip slightly, but pushed the tip of his blade higher. “Where is she?”

The demon coughed. “I…I don't…know.”

The dagger's point broke through the tender flesh under the creature's chin. “I'm warning you, if you don't—”

Laughter shook the demon's body. “You'll what, vampire? You have no leverage. You're going to kill me no matter what.”

“True, but I can make your death less painful. Your choice.”

“Ah, slayer, you're a fool. Where I'm going, no amount of pain you inflict will come close to what's waiting for me. Do your worst, but know this, she will find your little whore. And when she does, the human's screams of agony will be heard for miles. And if she catches you too, you'll be bound with your eyes taped open so you can watch the torture—”

The words shoved aside Mel's sanity. Black rage filled every corner of his mind. His arm squeezed as he lifted the demon off the ground. Its legs flailed, its mouth opened, trying to suck in air.

“Just kill the fucker,” Kal yelled. “The maggot sack isn't going to tell you anything.”

Mel lowered the male until its feet just touched the pavement. “Tell me where the fuck she is!”

The demon wheezed as it drew in oxygen. “F…fuck…you.”

With a sharp twist, he snapped its neck. The demon dropped to the ground, twitching, but still breathing.

Kal plunged his dagger into the heart. A black mass seeped out of its open mouth and the body exploded into dust.

Love's Prophecy is available on Amazon for kindle and in paperback.

I hope you enjoyed my excerpt. And thank you so much for stopping by my site.
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