Sunday, May 19, 2013


Welcome to the Wet and Wild Blog Hop

Hello, and welcome to my blog. Thanks for dropping by. Leave a short comment and your email address at the end and you’ll be instantly entered to win the grand prize. Also, I’ll be giving away a $5 gift certificate from Amazon.

The words Wet and wild brings to my mind many different things. The first being a brand of lipstick called Wet and Wild. When I turned sixteen and started wearing make-up, I purchased a tube of Wet and Wild lipstick in a metallic shell-pink shade. The color worked so well with my lavender Angora sweater and big 80’s hair—at least I thought so. *Shakes head and laughs.*

Wet and Wild invokes images of water parks, waterslides, kids running and sliding on a Slip ‘n’ Slide, a couple having sex in a shower or bathtub, or a Hot tub. Also, Wet and Wild reminds me of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit photo shoot. I picture a model decked out in a thong bikini standing under a waterfall in a lush, tropical setting with a sexy pout on her face. LOL, although I always wonder what she’s really thinking. Probably under her sexy, come-hither stare she’s thinking, just take the damn shot already so I can call it a day and go have lunch.

If you made it this far, then here comes the plug for my paranormal romance novel, Love’s Prophecy. LOL, you knew it was coming. I’ll keep it short. Promise.

Although my novel doesn’t feature shower or waterfall sex it does have plenty of wild sex scenes. Love’s Prophecy has been described as follows: Love’s Prophecy will take you on a wild, emotional rollercoaster ride that will leave you completely satisfied by the end.

So if you enjoy reading paranormal romances featuring sexy, alpha male vampires, a sweet, spunky heroine, a revengeful she-demon, a prophecy, and a new take on the vampire myth, then Love’s Prophecy is a novel you may enjoy.

Love’s Prophecy is available on: Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Sony and Apple.

The question I ask of you today is what comes to your mind when you hear or read the words Wet and Wild?

Thanks for stopping by. Now go forth and be wild and visit the other stops on the blog hop to further your chances of winning wonderful prizes. And remember, stay wet, lol.