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Please Welcome Carrie Ann Ryan

Please Welcome Carrie Ann Ryan

Brenda Dyer stands outside of Carrie Ann Ryan's door and straightens her jean jacket and brushes off imaginary lint. She breathes into her hand and checks her breath. Good, still minty fresh. With Carrie's latest release--A Night Away--in hand and her tape recorder, she knocks.

The sound of footsteps and followed by a loud bang comes from behind the door. A muffled curse is heard next. Carrie pulls open the door while she rubs her knee. "Come on it."

Brenda: "Are you okay?"

Carrie: "Yeah. Just smacked my knee."

Brenda glances around the tidy room. A cat looks up from its perch on the back of the sofa. "Where should I sit?"

Carrie indicates a chair in front of a coffee table. "You sit here, I'll sit on the couch." She sits down and smiles. "Are you nervous?"

Brenda sits and takes off her jacket. "A little." She laughs and turns on the tape recorder. "Should we start?"


Brenda: Thank you so much Carrie Ann for agreeing to this interview.

Of course darling, Brenda!!! Thank you so much, doll, for having me!!

Brenda:  You have been one busy lady. Do you ever stop to rest? And if you do, what do you like to do for fun?

Me busy? LOL. Rest? What is that? I’m exhausted! I usually just read a book when I’m tired, but then that is just research, right? LOL

Brenda: LOL, you're right. Reading is sort of like reasearch.
What is your favorite dinner food? Favorite desert? Do you ever eat breakfast dinners? IE: bacon, hash browns, pancakes, etc, etc. 

Dinner Food: Anything Asian. Yum.
Desert: Cheesecake.
I worked at Denny’s 5 days a week for 14 hour days (overnight) to put myself through college. That would be a no on anything that smells like syrup. *shudders*

Brenda: I LOVE Denny's breakfasts, but I can see why you don't. I'd probably hate the smell of pancakes, topped with whipped cream, strawberries, with a side order of crispy bacon...
Brenda glances at Carrie. Carrie's face has turned green and she holds a hand over her mouth. "Ahh, sorry. Next question.
What hobbies do you have?

I used to knit, then I found out I have RA. So I’m down to reading LOL.

Brenda: Sorry to hear about your RA.
What are two bad habits you have?

Eating and biting my nails.

Brenda: Whatever you do, don't swallow your nails. Also, if you knew how many germs were under them you wouldn't bite them anymore, LOL.

Do any of the male characters in your books have similar traits as your husband? And if so, what are they?

Their humor. My Hubby is a pretty funny guy LOL.

Brenda: Humor is a huge turn-on for me. A must in a guy.
Okay, lets switch gears here and talk about your latest release. Can you tell us a bit about this story?

So A Night Away is what happens after the HEA. I’ve always wanted to revisit a couple – so I did. Mel and Kade are already mated and have a baby. But they need to figure out how to be a “randy” couple again!

Brenda: Wow, I like that since this sort of things happens in real life after a couple has a baby.
Who was the easiest character to write? The hardest?

Mel and Kade ironically. They are amazing. The hardest? Well, Shade in my newest book, Dust of My Wings, is about to kill me. That is, if I don’t kill him first.

Brenda: Totally get that.
Can you share with readers how you came up with the plot to this book?

I was talking to my BFF writing partner, Lia Davis, about how much Shade was killing me and I wanted to pluck off every one of his angel wings and drown him. Yes, I was having a bad day. And I said I wanted to just write a story about Mel and Kade because they actually love and talk to me. So I thought of where they were at now and found this plot.
Plus the idea of Uncle Maddox as a babysitter made both Lia and I crack up!

Brenda: Is there any underlining messages in this story?

That being a parent is just has hard, if not harder, than fighting a werewolf world. And no, I’m not a parent. But I’ve heard the horror stories! And I did tons of research on the subject to make sure I had Mel and Kade’s reaction right.

Brenda: Again, I really like this because it is so true that raising a child is tough. And it is hard on some couples.
What's next for you? Can you tell us a little about your current work in progress?

Well, I have more wolfies with the Redwood Pack. I have Dust of My Wings and some angels, plus the rest of Dante’s Circle with angels, brownies, demons, and werebears…PLUS a sekrit series, AND another series called Holiday, Montana where it’s about the myths of our childhood.

Brenda: Holy crap on a piece of toast. How the heck do you do all of this, plus work? Never mind. Don't bother answering. I already feel like a lazy slug.


Kade Jamenson has been mated to Melanie for almost two years. They’ve been through mating circles, battles, loss, misunderstandings, and finally, the birth of their son, Finn. The world is in turmoil around them as the Redwoods engage in war with the Centrals. But for Kade and Melanie, the turmoil is also happening at home. The responsibility of a restless baby and their Pack has taken a toll and they need a break.
Not from each other. But from their Pack. Just for a night.
Kade takes Mel away for a romantic getaway and leaves Uncle Maddox alone with baby Finn. The Omega of the Redwood Pack may be adept at emotions but the idea of a baby may be beyond his immense capabilities.
Author’s Note: This is a novella set between books 3 and 4 to give you a taste of Mel and Kade. It is best that you have already immersed yourselves in the Redwood Pack world, however even new readers will enjoy a glimpse of one of the Redwood’s favorite couples.


Kade Jamenson closed his eyes and prayed for resolution. A piercing shriek startled him, making him jump to his feet.
Finn. His eleven-month-old son, who wouldn’t stop screaming, no matter what they did. The kid always needed something, either to be fed, changed, held, burped, played with, or just stared at. It seemed never ending. Even now that he was older, he still screamed or babbled constantly.
Dear God. How the hell did humans do this? Kade had more endurance than any human, witch, and most werewolves out there. Yet a tiny fifteen-pound baby with big blue eyes took every ounce of strength he possessed. Not to mention sleep time.
Kade groaned and rolled his neck before he walked into his son’s room. He and Melanie had painted the room in a soft green to match the Jameson eyes and added cream borders to break it up. Dark wood furniture filled the room along with cream linens covered with frog princes and bumblebees. Stuffed animals of every sort covered the tops of most pieces of furniture, gifts from his Pack and family, who cherished Finn like their own son. He took another step in and realized he hadn’t been the first one to answer his son’s call. 

About Carrie:
Carrie Ann Ryan is a bestselling paranormal and contemporary romance author. After spending too much time behind a lab bench, she decided to dive into the romance world and find her werewolf mate - even if it’s just in her books. Happy endings are always near - even if you have to get over the challenges of falling in love first.
Her first book, An Alpha's Path, is the first in her Redwood Pack series. She's also an avid reader and lover of romance and fiction novels. She loves meeting new authors and new worlds. Any recommendations you have are appreciated. Carrie Ann lives in New England with her husband and two kittens.
Carrie Ann loves hearing from readers. You can find her at:

Twitter: @CarrieAnnRyan | Tumblr

An Alpha’s Path Amazon  Barnes & Noble ARe
A Taste for a Mate Amazon Barnes & Noble ARe
Trinity Bound Amazon Barnes&Noble ARe  

Thanks again, Carrie for spending time with us today.

Thank you Doll!! Love you Brenda!!! And I’m giving away a swag pack to a commenter! Be sure to leave your email address to be entered!!!

Brenda: Did you read that everyone? Carrie is kind enough to give away a swag pack to one lucky commenter.
Thanks again, Carrie!


Daryl Devore said...

Super fantastic interview. I agree with you Brenda - Carrie's energy exhausts me.

Brenda said...

Thanks for stopping by, Daryl.
Yep, her energy leaves me feeling like I should just pack it in and go back to bed, LOL.

Author Nikki Prince said...

Fun read you guys. I can understand about Denny's. I am that way about Burger King..(ew)I can only go there every once and a while...but I love Denny's!

Loved learning more about you.


Anonymous said...

You are one busy lady, Carrie Ann! You put me to shame, lol! Fun getting to know you better :)

Eve Edwards said...

Great interview, ladies! Carrie is one busy lady!

Casea Major said...

Awesome interview, ladies! Carrie Ann I bite my nails too. But the hypnotist at my last RWA meeting swears she can help me with that. When I make some more money on my books I think I'll try her out - or I'll have so much money I can afford fake nails. Hugs to you both.

Sheri Fredricks said...

Oh, man. After reading your interview, I feel like laying down! GREAT job, you two!!

Anonymous said...

I literally laughed out loud reading the interview questions and responses, and holy crap on a piece of toast, where do you get your energy?!!! Parenting IS the most difficult job on the planet, hands down. Dealing with adults is easy, trust. ;) Great interview ladies, such fun!

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Energy! Bah! I'm always tired LOL. I just keep a schedule and multi-task.

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Nikki - I'll still eat there, but the idea of syrup still freaks me out LOL

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Jennifer! I'm just doing what I love, and happy that people are reading it. *cough* *cough* read my book *cough*

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Eve! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Casea - now that I'm not working behind a lab bench, I can start painting my nails again - then I won't bite them!

Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Sydney! Great to see you here! And parenting scares me, but at least I know I won't be ready for it LOL

Nikki said...

I love this interview! Carrie Ann, will you ever slow down in the near future, lol?

Congratulations on your release. You've been on a roll!

Brenda, you are so funny :)

Melissa Limoges said...

Awesome interviews, ladies! Can I borrow some of your energy? Congrats on the release! Wishing you many more!

Mart Ramirez said...

What an awesome interview! Wow 14 hr days at Dennys? That is something else. I always knew you were a hard worker. Here's to many more longer days filled with success!

Toni Kelly said...

Fun interview! I'm with you Brenda in feeling like a lazy slug, lol. Although I'm a fairly new parent (4 mths) and can attest to it being extremely difficult. I don't think people stress that enough... although like most other parents I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Brenda said...

I'd like to thank everyone who stopped in and showed Carrie some love.
And thank you Carrie for allowing me to interview you.

Sandy said...

A Night Away sounds like a great read! I love the cover too. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity.